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We are the proud stockists of Italian skincare Bioline jato.
Using only the best safe and effective cosmetic products and researched technologies. 

Each range within Bioline have specific methods for delivering highly active ingredients which give phenomanol results.
Skin consultations are always advised with a facial or before buying homemade. They are redeemable with a treatment or products purchased.

Make-up artist working


Do you have a special occasion or even a big event approaching?
Of course you want to look your absolute best!!! We have the best team right here to make you look gorgeous and enhance your natural features whether it's for a special occasion or even your wedding day.

We are available to travel anywhere in Northern Ireland/Ireland the morning of your Wedding to make it as stress free as possible while creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

SEMI-Permanent Make-up

Semi permanent makeup is a technique, that uses a pen with different configurations of needles to implant pigment 2-3mm under the skin. 
By using the golden ration method this means each treatment is customised to each person's Individual facial measurements.

Whether it's natural hair strokes or powdery HD brows we believe your brows should compliment and enhance your features. 

This treatment needs 2 sessions, you will return 4-6 weeks after the first session. The treatment should last 12-18 months.

Imagine having perfect brows every!!

Gold Hoop

Piercing & Electrolysis

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